Adam Brewer

mindful movement

Adam Michael Brewer, wellness coach and mind/body group exercise specialist, has been personalizing conditioning programs for clients of all walks of life since 1990, including many of the sport & entertainment industries’ elite-athletes, actors, producers, musicians & artists. He is the owner of Adventure Boot Camp ( in SantaMonica, CA.

He has graced the cover of Runner’s World, created a series of fitness tips for the Tennis Channel, has been in the pages of Men’s Fitness, and featured in numerous ads, commercials, and videos for companies such as Turner Broadcasting, adidas, Nike, New Balance, Champion and Gatorade.

Adam holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Emory University and Master’s in Sport Management from The Ohio State University.


Certifications Earned:
Certified Wellness Coach
Certified Adventure Fitness Trainer
Certified TRX Trainer
Sport Yoga (in progress)
Holistic Fitness Practitioner (in progress)
USTA Sport Science Certification level 1&2
USPTA level 1

Training Philosophy

Adam’s approach to wellness is a holistic integration of strength training, core conditioning, interval training, yoga and spirituality.

What I love about Circuit works

What I love about Circuit Works is the super effective zig zag approach to interval circuit training…moving back and forth from a short bout of strength training to a short bout of cardio. Keeps working out fun:) And probably more importantly, I love the clients!!!

Favorite quote

Love said to me, there is nothing that is not me. Be silent. – Rumi

Surprising fact about me

I was addicted to Afrin nasal spray from 9-23 years old.