Erica Plastino

Work Hard, Party Hard.


I spent my youth in dance studios, theatre stages and kinesiology classes with my mom who was dean of the dance department at UCI and a celebrated musical theater choreographer. Teaching movement, pushing and guiding is in my blood! I have spent my life in sports – track and field, water sports, mountain and dirt bikes. In all facets, my work includes motivating people to succeed at their dreams and goals. I bring that same passion to the studio with infectious energy, physical intensity and a drive to push our clients to the limit.

Training Philosophy

Our bodies are a constantly morphing, dynamic space for the evolution of our health and well-being. I bring visibility to the reality that when we push our bodies with the right training and nutrition the outcome in both mind and physical results are magical. Our bodies crave the hard work and care we offer them and in return give us vibrancy, clear minds and energy to create for everything in our lives that is important. My leading philosophy is that we must build patterns and habits not only for our minds but for our muscle memory. This is what carries us forward and gives us the core capability to grow and expand our fitness.

What I love about Circuit works

Circuit Works is by far the most dynamic, intense, customized workout I have ever experienced. The fact that it exists in a group training format only brings energy, fun, competitive spirit and momentum which cannot be obtained in a private session. When I am at training at Circuit Works I am not only leading but part of a team, driving toward an end game, working in tandem and pushing my clients as far as possible based on their fitness levels and goals. Circuit Works not only creates athletes but keeps the best at their pinnacle.

Favorite quote

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” Henry David Thoreau

Surprising fact about me

I speak Chinese and Spanish fluently and oh, and I am learning to weld.

Favorite song

Sweet Thang, Mick Jagger

Favorite artist

Frenseco Clement

Guilty Pleasure

Graham crackers and bananas with Jiffy Peanut Butter.