Raphael Verela


ALIAS : Master Sergeant

Raphael Verela, a six-year United States Marine Corps veteran, created Optimum Boot Camp. He has also trained pre-Boot Camp recruits with emphasis on muscle strength development and cardiovascular endurance. His experience and education in the health and fitness industry got him recognized as one of the best trainers in Southern California.

Raphael attended Oregon State University as an Exercise Physiology major and is certified by the American Council in the following disciplines: Exercise, Progressive Fitness accredited training programs, Future Fit, Sports Telesis, Nutrition Technician, Muscle Lab 1 resistance training.

This Circuit Works trainer and founder has actively competed in martial arts, baseball, football, track and field, swimming, underwater diving, sky diving, repelling, cycling, mountain biking, open sea kayaking, hiking, skiing, snow boarding, and gymnastics. Raphael offers the practical knowledge of an athlete and an outdoors person, coupled with scientific and clinical research, all of which are combined to designing an effective personal group training program; one that can benefit everyone, regardless of age, level of fitness, weight or personal busy schedule.

Training Philosophy

Listen to your body and find your training rhythm.  Training in rhythm, following a pace wins the race.  Motivation is what got you to start, but consistency gets you to your goal.  In order to stay consistent you must go at your own pace.

What I love about Circuit works

I love Circuit Works because of the sense of community with my fellow team members and clients.  It feels like a family and I love my family!

Favorite quote

Life isn’t about finding yourself; it’s about creating yourself.

Surprising fact about me

I love classical music and listen to it daily.  My favorite classical music artist is Johannes Brahms.

Favorite song

Turn Down for What

Favorite artist

John Legend

Guilty Pleasure

John Legend