How to Lose those Stubborn 15 lbs with Circuit Training

While some clients have more weight to lose, others are just trying to get healthier and lose that last stubborn 15lbs that won’t seem to shift. Circuit training is a perfect way to blast off those unwanted pounds with a little dedication and perseverance. Circuit Works trainer, Rachel Bocchino, says that losing the final 15lbs may be “the toughest” part but has great advice on how to achieve that goal. weight loss circuit training circuit works “What I recommend is to progressively add weight to your resistance training,” she says. “Adding intensity to your strengthening exercises will allow the body to add lean muscle mass which will allow you to burn more fat throughout the day.” “Burning more calories can also be done by adding more intensity during your cardio time. “You can do this by adding speed or incline to the treadmill. All of this combined with a balanced diet will get you to your goal.” To really get those last 15lbs off, it’s advised that clients come to Circuit Works at least 3 times a week, consistently, in order to guarantee results. Here are some of the reasons why the last few pounds are hardest to get rid of. It’s important to be aware of these so to counter them with effective solutions. 1. What you eat and the calories you ingest are more important now. Because you are closer to your target weight, you do not need as many calories to maintain your weight as you did, say, 30lbs heavier. 2. Weight comes off more quickly the more muscle you have. A person that is 20% body-fat burns more calories than a person with 40% body-fat which is why it’s important to do resistance training, like Circuit Works, which can burn up to 1200 calories per workout session. 3. Getting closer to goal and feeling more confident may lead to some people slipping back into old habits thinking "this is at least better than where I was before."  It’s important to continue to stay motivated until you have reached your goal. So if you’re really ready to lose those final 15lbs, do circuit training at least 3 times a week, eat a sensible and balanced diet, stay focused on the goal at hand and make sure to get the support you need to remain on track.