5 Culprits of Weight Loss Plateau

Have you been working out, eating right but still no budge on the scale? It happens to us all sometimes and a plateau now and again is to be expected. But here are some possible explanations why your body is holding on to those extra pounds and what you can do about it.

1. Portions Are Too Big Just because you’re eating healthy food doesn’t mean you can eat as much of it as you want to. Measuring out food and eating on smaller plates are easy ways to make sure portion sizes are under control. Nuts, seeds and avocados are health snacks but can be calorific if too much is eaten. Be mindful of how much you are eating.  

2. Skipping Breakfast Not having that important first meal of the day is a surefire way to put your body into starvation mode and is not the calorie saver you may think. It’s proven that those who regularly make time for breakfast are more likely to lose weight. But skip sugary cereals and go for a morning meal high in protein to keep you going until lunchtime.

3. Not Enough Beauty Sleep Getting enough rest each night is vital for a healthy body, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Restoring your muscles and making sure you have enough energy for your exercise routines is so important. Not enough sleep also increases the appetite-stimulating hormone, ghrelin, making you feel hungrier than you actually are.

4. Water Intake Is Low Water is the key for a multitude of things to maintain a healthy body. As well as keeping you hydrated, drinking H2O is also a great tool when trying to shed weight. Drinking a glass of water before eating will make you feel fuller faster and help if you have a tendency to overeat. Also eating food with high water content like fruits and vegetables will fill you up more quickly.

5. Stress Although we lead hectic lifestyles, it’s important to take some time to look after yourself and relax. Stress is a proven factor in weight gain or an inability to rid you of those unwanted pounds. So take up other fun activities like dancing, outdoor cycling, or hiking as a way to de-stress and unwind. Ultimately consistency, dedication and setting realistic and achievable goals with a healthy diet and regular exercise will ensure that you can stay in shape, burn off unwanted pounds and have the fitness levels you desire. You can do it!