7 Reasons Why the "Circuit Works"

You diligently come to class each week and have a fun but challenging workout with awesome trainers, but do you know why circuit training is one of the best forms of exercise? Burning up to 1200 calories per session, building lean muscle and improving stamina, your hour at Circuit Works is doing wonders for your body and here’s why;  

1. Burn More Calories. A total body circuit workout burns up to 30% more calories than a usual weight or cardio exercise session alone. The combination of doing both keeps your heart rate up, giving maximum benefit for the entire time. Moving back and forth between cardio and resistance training in less than 3 minutes is authentic circuit training, the zig-zag theory, which results in extreme caloric burn.  

2. Effective Combo Of Cardio and Strength Training. Who has time to do cardio in one session and then strength training in another? Doing the two together is the best way to melt away fat and firm up those muscles so you leave having worked out each of your major muscle groups and got your heart racing.  

3. Increase Metabolism. Having a good metabolism is a surefire way to maintaining a healthy body weight and circuit training can definitely help with that. Firing up your fat burning mechanics gets your body in the best shape and also keeps burning those calories hours after you’ve left the gym.  

4. Improved Fitness Levels. Regular workouts at Circuit Works provide results – there is no doubt about it. And as well as shedding the unwanted pounds, fitness levels increase exponentially. Before you know it, your body will be doing things you never thought imaginable and that one pushup you struggled with is suddenly 10 without skipping a beat.  

5. Weight Loss. Whether you want to lose that final stubborn 15lbs or have a lot more to lose. The great thing about circuit training is that all sizes and fitness levels can do it. All you need is to get started and do it at your own pace until your body is ready to move up to the next level. The fat will melt off when combined with a healthy eating plan.  

6. Quick Results. Having a dedicated weekly circuit training workout schedule will get you the body you want in a quicker time than conventional gym attendance. And with the workouts leaving you with an elevated mood, boosted energy and the all round feel good factor, there’s more than enough reason to circuit train.  

7. Boredom Buster. Who hasn’t spent endless time on a treadmill wondering when your time was going to be up? Not with circuit training. With each cardio or strength session lasting just two minutes, and the variety of exercises, you can put your all into that time and your mind doesn’t have time to tune out. You can make the most out of your workout and before you know it – your time is up and you’re free to enjoy your day!