Motivational Tips To Get To The Gym

Once you make it to the gym, that’s half the battle won. But sometimes, getting the motivation to get out of bed for that early morning class or deciding to exercise after work rather than making the detour for happy hour, is a difficult one. So here are some tips on how to make sure you turn up for class.  

1. Have your workout clothes ready If you’re doing an early morning session, make sure to have your complete gym outfit ready to go so you don’t have to hunt through your closet to get ready. The easier you make it for yourself, the more likely it will be that you make it out the door. And always having a packed gym bag in your car also means that if you ever get the urge to go during the day or the evening, you don’t have to go back home to get changed, you can go straight to the workout studio.

2. Workout buddy Enlisting a trusted gym pal can help to keep each other motivated and it will make you accountable. There maybe times when you don’t want to go and they do, so their encouragement should help you to keep on track. And of course you can serve as inspiration to them too. Knowing you always have someone who shares your exercise passion with, is a good resource to have, so find that special someone if you haven’t already.

3. Mind Tricks Sometimes, we have to resort to playing mind games with ourselves. Even if you say to yourself that you only have to do 5 minutes when you get to the gym as a way of getting yourself there, of course you always do more when you’re in the building. And treating yourself to something nice after your workout (have you tried our new Think Thin bars available at the front desk?) can also be the extra boost you need to get you through the gym door.

4. No Excuses We all have some pretty tired excuses as to why we don’t want to workout sometimes; too busy, too tired, don’t want to ruin a hairdo, not in the mood, etc. But each time one of your reasons filter in, just try to remember your goals and what you want to achieve and also how good you feel after you have worked out. The rush of endorphins far outweighs the excuse du jour. Keeping a list of your goals on a white board in your home that you can read each day will also help keep you motivated.

5. Health Investment Fitness classes are an investment in your health. If you skipped a dentist cleaning or doctor's appointment, you'd be putting your health at risk. The same goes for your workout routine. Putting the time and effort into your health now will save you from costly and time-intestive 'fixes' later. 6. Set Realistic Goals If you have committed to go to the gym, say, 5 times a week and are not making that target, it can be demotivating that you are not living up to whatever goals you have set for yourself. So if you need to re-set targets so they are more attainable, then definitely do so. And then once you have got into a good routine and want to increase the frequency again then go ahead. Remember that you are working out and staying healthy for yourself so you can be fit and strong and live the best life you can. These are just a few motivational tips. We'd love to hear what you do to stay on track - visit our Facebook page to leave a comment. You’re worth it!