Circuit Training on-the-go

Of course, we want you to come to class to get the full benefits of working with a personal trainer and being motivated by others, however, there will be times you're on vacation, staying late at work, or making up other excuses to miss your workout. If this happens to you, we've still got your back! Here's a great routine you can do on vacation, in the office, or at home to stay in shape when you miss class.

Remember, authentic circuit training is when you alternate between cardio and resistance training in less than 3 minutes each. This is what will give you the maximum calorie burn! Grab your towel and water, turn up the tunes, and give yourself a number :) Warm up: 30 seconds: march in place 30 seconds: walking lunges 30 seconds: squat hops 30 seconds: jumping jacks 30 seconds: jog in place 30 seconds: high knees Resistance (1-2 minutes): push ups Cardio (1-2 minutes): jump rope **Water, athletes, water!** Resistance (1-2 minutes): alternating step-back lunges Cardio (1-2 minutes): jumping jacks **High-Five your neighbor!** Resistance (1-2 minutes): biceps curl (with water bottles or soup cans if you don't have dumbbells) Cardio (1-2 minutes): high knees **What brought you here? Reach your goal today!** Resistance (1-2 minutes): triceps dips on edge of chair/couch Cardio (1-2 minutes): mountain climbers **This is your workout, get it!** Resistance (1-2 minutes): crunches Cardio (1-2 minutes): squat hops **You can do anything for a minute!** Bonus Exercise (1-2 minutes): Plank **Way-to-go; you did it!** Stretch all major muscles you used before your body cools down, then, walk around the room or marching in place for 3 minutes to allow your heart rate to return to normal and your body to cool down. This circuit should take you about 30 minutes and is a great way to get in a quick workout if you can’t make it to Circuit Works...of course, we'll still miss you in class. Good luck!