Best Gym on Main Street, Santa Monica: 7 Reasons for Circuit Works

Circuit Works on Main Street in Santa Monica is the best gym in the area and here’s why:

1. The Workout Exercising at Circuit Works in Santa Monica is unlike any other experience. Combining cardio and weight training in one session, clients can burn up to 1200 calories in an hour. Going from two minutes on the treadmill to two minutes on a different resistance station, there is no time to get bored and the workout time flies by.

2. Results With more calories burned in an hour than any other workout, there’s a reason why City Search voted Circuit Works the Best Gym in LA in 2013. Catering to all fitness levels, clients wanting to lose weight, tone up or increase their stamina see quick results. The method of authentic circuit training used at Circuit Works burns the most amount of calories per hour.

3. Trainers One of the reasons Circuit Works is the best gym in Santa Monica is because it has world-class certified trainers teaching class. Not only putting you through your paces, our instructors are always on hand to answer any questions, make adjustments and give the feeling of having a one-on-one personal session in a group setting. They really care and their dedication is easy to notice. 4. Schedule Circuit Works in Santa Monica offers early morning, lunchtime and evening classes so there’s always time to fit in a workout with us. Earliest classes start at 5.30am for the early birds and our latest class starts at 7.30pm. 5. Personal Training As well as group classes, our amazing trainers also offer one-on-sessions to give you that personalized exercise time. Our nationally certified trainers put clients through the intensive 5 Phase Program which ensures results from the inside out. 6. Environment What also makes Circuit Works in Santa Monica the best gym choice is the encouraging, supportive and enthusiastic atmosphere that supports clients in getting the body and reaching the fitness goals they’ve always wanted. 7. Location Circuit Works is perfectly located on Main Street in Santa Monica with accessible street parking, next to a coffee shop, across from M Street Kitchen (10%-off for Circuit Works members) and beach access after your workout at the best gym in Los Angeles.