Best Gym in Los Angeles: Why Circuit Works Wins

One of the wonderful things about living in Los Angeles is that we are spoiled for choice. There are a plethora of workout and gym options and countless ways you can keep fit. But with Circuit Works being voted City Search’s Best Gym in LA in 2013, it’s an unbeatable destination for getting in shape in a supportive and energetic environment. Locals benefit from personal training in the group setting, individual attention from their favorite trainers, while out-of-town visitors are able to swing in for a single workout to jog next to an A-list celebrity and sweat with LA's who's who.

 With locations in Santa Monica and Brentwood, clients have a choice of two studios to get their burn. Clients keep on returning to Circuit Works and name it the best gym because of the outstanding results, amazing classes, talented trainers and the passion we have for our clients and their fitness results. Circuit Works is a personal training studio that offers group and one-on-one personal training. The group sessions are a full body workout alternating between two minutes on the treadmill and two minutes and different resistance stations, led by one of our world-class personal trainers. As one of the best gyms in LA, we are at the forefront of exercise philosophies including the Zig-Zag theory which is switching back and forth from an aerobic activity (cardio) to an anaerobic (weight training). This increases the fat expenditure of the body by more than 500% and continues to burn calories long after you’ve left the studio. Circuit Works changes up the routines every week to prevent plateau and mental boredom and to confuse the body so it does not become accustomed to particular exercises. With a flexible schedule and array of classes at both the Santa Monica and Brentwood locations, you’ll never be stuck for a time or a place to work out at the best gym in Los Angeles. You will burn more calories in a Circuit Works session than any other fitness program available today. Now, you know why Circuit Works was voted the Best Gym in Los Angeles by CitySearch...come check us out! We'd love to have you!