Nike's Dynamic Support

Fitness enthusiasts and novices alike would agree that one of the most important tools while exercises is good pair of shoes. Over the years there have been many breakthroughs in technology to help support runners. And now Nike has unveiled a new sneaker that supports feet at the places it’s needed the most. “Dynamic Support in the shoe’s midsole provides the stability you need in an ultra smooth ride without the added weight or stiffness of a traditional medial post,” Nike explains.

 “Dynamic Support features more soft foam on the lateral side for cushioning and more firm foam on the medial side for support.” The technology in the shoe gives the runner a high level of stability but without added bulkiness or weight, ensuring a smooth and effective motion. The midsole has two parts offering soft foam on the lateral side for better cushioning and a firmer foam on the medial side that gives great support. Many people agree that it's much more comfortable for runners - especially outdoors and on treadmills. See what one of our staff memebers thinks in her quick video review of the shoe for the fitness site, Fiteos “Runners traditionally had to choose between stability or cushioning shoes based on their running style,” Leslie Lane, Global Vice President and General Manager for Nike Running said. “For the first time a running shoe will respond to the runner’s gait throughout a run as it varies between neutral and over pronation.” So if you are in the market for a new pair of sneakers, then Nike’s Dynamic Support shoe is an excellent option. Here are more details about the Dynamic Support technology, directly from the source: Watch the video from Nike on YouTube.