5 Apps To Help You Eat Healthy

It’s not so challenging sticking to a healthy eating lifestyle when you’re at home and can prepare meals, cook in bulk and have nutritious snacks to hand. But what about when you’re traveling or end up in an unfamiliar area with no idea where to get a quick bite that won’t derail your hard work or that caters to your particular eating plan i.e. gluten free, vegan, organic etc. Well we’ve found 5 great apps that can help you when you’re on the go, lets you know the best healthy eating hot spots nearby, and educates you on if you’re making the best food choices.

1. Clean Plates If you’re into eating “clean” then this app is perfect for you. It allows the user to browse local eateries and filter by diet, cuisine and price to find your ideal meal. Clean Plates has a stringent review policy and considers things like gluten-free options, locally sourced ingredients, whether meat is hormone or grass-fed in their ranking. Restaurants who get the “Clean Plates Seal” are the recipients of their highest rating and have undergone a 300 question chef survey and nutritionist audit of their menu.

2. Food Tripping Next time you’re on a road trip and feel your only option is to stop at a greasy fast food joint, then think again. Food Tripping is a GPS-centered app that picks up all the nearby food joints that serve sustainable and healthy food. Local farmers’ markets, organic cafes and the best place to get a refreshing juice or smoothie is at your fingertips. And it doesn’t hurt that Adrian Grenier of Entourage fame is a co-owner of the company behind the app.

3. Fooducate Need a little help at the grocery store to make sure you’re not being fooled by labels and are putting the right products in your basket? Fooducate is here to educate you in the best way to eat real food, lose weight and track your progress. By simply scanning a product’s barcode, it will spit out a nutrition grade A – D, on how good the food is for you. It will then suggest healthier alternatives and analyzes all the nutrition panel information to teach you what the ingredients really mean.

4. Thyrve This food app is a little different in that it doesn’t focus on calories or how much you’re eating but rather how the meal you just ate makes you feel. You snap a photo of your food to upload and put in the ingredients. It then gives you a score based on how much you consumed and the nutritional value. And then about an hour after your meal, the Thyrve app will check back in with you to see how you’re feeling using smiley and frowny faces. As you use the app, trends will surface showing which types of food gives you more frowny faces and brings up if you have any possible allergies.

5. Locavore If you’re passionate about eating locally farmed produce and want to stay up on what foods are in season, then the Locavore app is a great tool. Using GPS technology, it will not only highlight where your local farmers’ markets are but will also give great recipe ideas to go with what has recently been harvested. Now there’s no excuse not to eat right whether you’re traveling or at home.