Los Angeles Gym News: MORE Fat in Your Diet Could Help You Lose Weight!

Welcome to the second half of this two-part article series on the important role a diet high in fat plays in helping Los Angeles residents achieve those fitness and weight loss goals. In Part 1, it was explained that while it is our first instinct to eliminate fatty foods from our diets when we try to lose weight and get in shape, this could be doing far more harm than good.

In order to get fit, you need to exercise regularly (consider circuit training for best results) and in order to perform well at the gym, you need to have good energy! Eating the right amount of fat enables you to achieve greater aerobic efficiency, which in turn promotes the efficiency with which your body converts fat into energy. In other words, eating fat helps you burn fat! What we now want to know is what foods are considered helpful to our body’s aerobic efficiency and how we can adjust our diets accordingly to enable us to get the most out of our circuit training workouts at the gym! McDonalds® Anyone?

Hold your horses… by “fat” we don’t mean junk food! According to Los Angeles gym instructors and fitness experts, there are some obvious terms and conditions to the idea that eating more fat helps your body to burn energy more efficiently. First of all, in order to experience the weight loss benefits of a diet higher in fat, you need to exercise frequently. Four times a week is a great start. Circuit training and interval training are, in particular, considered two of the most effective exercise systems for weight loss and fitness, so sign up for a few weekly group classes at your closest Los Angeles gym. Secondly, you can’t simply double the percentage of fat in your diet overnight. This is something that should be done gradually over a period of time so your body has a chance to adjust. A healthy diet contains around 50% fat, but if you’re training hard, this could even be increased to 60% or even 70%! Remember, this isn’t going to your thighs or stomach; this fat is being used by your body to fuel its performance while you’re pounding the treadmill and lifting those weights. It enables you to increase the intensity of your workout and, in doing so, build muscle and lose body fat.

What Fatty Foods Can I Eat?
 Now for the fun part! According to doctors, fitness gurus and personal training experts in Los Angeles, the following fatty foods are excellent for fuelling your body’s aerobic efficiency (they also make it EXTREMELY easy to “diet!”):
  • Grass-fed meats
  • Fatty fish
  • Olive oil and coconut oil
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Coconut milk
  • Avocado
  • Butter, cream and full cream milk and dairy products
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • And Dark CHOCOLATE! Add a delicious dollop of full-cream Greek yogurt to your morning bowl of fruit! Drench your salad in olive oil and add a liberal sprinkling of nuts and feta cheese! Bite in to a thick, juicy steak at dinner! A Final Note from Los Angeles Gym Instructors Many of the foods we traditionally thought best to cut out of our diets when trying to lose weight actually help to fuel our bodies so that we can maintain and improve upon our performance in the gym. Just be wary of the foods that are known as fatty but that also contain a lot of carbohydrates and refined sugars, such as fast foods and baked goods.