5 Fitness hacks to MAKE yourself get to the gym


Be Prepared!

One of the best excused to skip the gym, especially after work, is "I don't have my shoes"
Keep a gym bag in the car at all times!!!

Too Hungry

Yeah no, pack yourself a pre workout snack. Could be a yogurt (fat free), a protein bar, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, carrots and hummus...you get it. I know what you're thinking...how will this all stay cold. You will also need a small cooler to carry around. I swear its maintainable.

Make a dope playlist


Upbeat, motivating, powerful music inspires me to workout. Get yourself pumped up in the car before you get to the gym!

Accountability bestie!

It helps to have a workout partner to set a date and time with. You won't bail on each other. You better not.

Last piece of advice...
Have a workout plan. Know what you want to do before you get to the gym. Or better yet, go to CircuitWorks! Then you don't have to put any mental effort into it. Get your body there, we will get you through the rest!