5 reasons to franchise!

Thousands of people a year decide to buy a franchise. I found out the top 5 reasons why.

1. The desire to create equity

Working for someone means a good steady pay, maybe benefits, maybe a 401k. This is great. But whats better, equity. The ability to invest in a business of your own, build it, and then sell it for profit. 

2. To avoid a "crazy" boss

We have all had one. Bosses are people too, with real issues, and even lack in social skills. Bipolar bosses, alcoholic bosses, inappropriate bosses...it happens. Maybe you should be your own boss.

3. More freedom

Let be real. Most jobs require a schedule. You request time off. Maybe you get it maybe you don't. Maybe there is an emergency and in the middle of your date or your daughters recital you have to leave and take a call..or worse, a flight out of town. 

I don't know about you, bu I'd rather make my own schedule and hire someone to be there for the emergencies.

4. To create a legacy

This is my favorite. Some franchise concepts can prove to be an ideal family business. Would you lie to guarantee your child a job when they graduate high school or college? If you invest in your own business and you can involve your family, you may be able to secure their future. Its a great option!

5. Community involvement

Some people invest in a small business in order to give back to their community. Create a few jobs for the locals. Also, for example, if you know a CircuitWorks would be popular in your neighborhood, and you want to help inspire the people in your community to get fit and healthy, what better way than to franchise!

I bring all this up to inspire you to JUMP on this opportunity CircuitWorks is now offering to franchise. The business model is already set for you. The guess work is done. All you have to do is make an investment! your future self will thank you! 

If this interests you in any way head over to Circuitworks.com/franchise and see if you qualify.

This blog was inspired by TheFranchiseKing.