Great gift ideas for your fitness guru friends!

water bottle
Water bottles! Who doesn't love a good water jug. Our fit friends need to stay hydrated. help them out with an adorable but durable water bottle.


Leggings! Well, for the girls anyway. Fun and funky tights and leggings are always a winner.

Most fitness lovers will really appreciate this! A foam roller! You can find it on amazon. Its used for muscle recovery. They know what to do with it.

Headphones! Now depending on how much you like the person, these can get a little pricey. But fitness nuts NEED their music!

Socks. That's right. Socks. You can honestly never have to many pairs if you are active every day.

Another pricey gift. Fit bits are the new cats meow...or whatever. These babies track steps, calories, and sleep patterns. Really great birthday or Christmas gifts for your fabulous fit friends.

A CircuitWorks giftcard/credit/package! You will forever be loved!
OOOOR if you are really serious, like you love your wife and you are searching for your next them a Circuitworks!!! Seriously, we are franchising! Check out the "Franchise" tab after you are finished with this awesome blog post!