We are answering some questions about metabolism...


Can you speed up your metabolism with things such as green tea pills ?

Eh, some studies show that you can temporarily boost metabolic rates but its not enough to offset excess calories. Please do not rely on these methods. Just eat healthy.

My metabolism is slow....its genetic.

Ok...that may be the case, but you are NOT a lost cause. You can absolutely speed up your metabolism. How? Building lean muscle mass! Muscle burns more calories per hour than fat, which means that people with lean, muscular bodies need more calories to function than people with a higher percentage of body fat. So my cardio bunnies...you better not neglect the weights!

Does eating late at night slows down metabolism?

We hate this rumor. Eat whenever you want. Often times, late at night people tend to binge more in front of the tv...excess calories cause weight gain, not eating past 7pm. 

Low calorie diets...yes or no.

You think you are clever eating one meal a day. Your body is smart though. If you don't consume enough calories you might actually slow down your metabolism. Your body goes into starvation mode and attempts to store the few calories you consume to survive. Please don't skip meals. Just eat right.

FACT: Eating healthy and often can actually improve your metabolism. Food gives you energy. The more you move around, the more you burn. Some studies also show that eating on a consistent schedule can improve calorie burn between meals.

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Author: JaimieLeeFit -trainer/socialmedia