I am an athlete. My sport is circuit training. My arena is circuit works. My trophy is the IQ club.

We are about to take it to the next level at CircuitWorks!

Introducing the IQ Club.

We always talk about training like an athlete. Well now we have something to train for! (besides being badass, good health, aesthetics, and to relieve stress)

What exactly are you talking about?

A training challenge, measured by our heart rate monitor system. There are three club levels: Savant (240 pts) Genius (220pts) and Smart (200 pts). Each client that gets IQ points in one of the values above receive a free club specific shirt. Once they have entered a certain club they have access to purchase any shirt in a club below or the same as they received. For example if a client gets in the Savant club meaning they have scored 240 IQ points or higher they may choose to purchase a shirt in any three of the clubs or an additional Savant club shirt.

Awesome right?!

There are a few rules:

-No first timers (sorry newbies ,we need to make sure your heart rate monitor is accurate before we let you in the club. You are welcome to try in your second class though.)

-Must own your own HR Monitor to compete (You need this anyway and we are constantly giving you all opportunities to win one)

-Disqualifies if max hr is 104% or higher (This means your stats may need to be adjusted)

-one free club shirt per client (don't be greedy)

Okay this is awesome! Super excited and I want my shirt! BUT I thought we were supposed to train smarter not harder...

Totally! You may not necessarily want to aim for the IQ club every time you're in class. It is hard to reach that many points. We all have good and bad days. Sometimes in class your energy will be high, and sometimes it will be low. We recommend aiming for the IQ club on a day where you feel energized, you had a good meal, and you want to take your training to the next level. Once you are in your in, so you will no longer need to aim for it after that anyway.

Challenge yourself. Tell yourself you are going to aim for each IQ club once a week, or once a month. Get that 220 one week, then 230, and one day when you are feeling super #beastmode go for 240!

Be smart about it and make it fun!

We will be launching the IQ club June 1st!

Here is a sneak peak behind the scenes at a photo shoot for the shirts...

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Author: Jaimie Bess