Should you franchise?

You probably know the good news by now... Circuit Works is franchising!!!

This is a great opportunity for the fitness lover and/or entrepreneur.

Guarantee you have asked yourself what it takes to franchise...and is it worth it?

We grabbed some statistics from for you!

First ask yourself....are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to be? Can you handle it?

Here are some interesting statistics to consider:

55% of all Americans want to be their own boss.
37% of all households are involved in small business.
70% of all high school students want to start a business.
1 out of every 25 adults is currently starting a business.
5 million people started a business in 1995.
by 2000, there will be 200 million home-based businesses.

Entrepreneur's have a different way of looking at life

  • Opportunity INSTEAD OF Security
  • Results INSTEAD OF Routine
  • Profit INSTEAD OF A Paycheck
  • Trying New Ideas INSTEAD OF Avoiding Mistakes
  • Vision INSTEAD OF Short-Term Gain

The advantages of being an entrepreneur:  

  • freedom and independence 
  • control over a major aspect of your life 
  • an outlet for creativity 
  • excitement 
  • satisfaction and sense of achievement 
  • self-esteem 
  • status and recognition 
  • flexibility 
  • job security-you cannot be fired or laid off 
  • unlimited income potential 
  • growth of initial monetary investment 

The disadvantages of being an entrepreneur:  

  • risk
  • responsibility and pressure 
  • fear of failure 
  • obstacles and frustration 
  • loneliness 
  • more work 
  • longer hours 
  • less time or energy to spend with friends and family 
  • less financial security 
  • fewer job benefits 
  • risk of losing investment 
  • income fluctuation  
  • you are responsible for your own portion of taxes and FICA 


Hopefully your gears are turning now. If you really want to dig deeper, there is a really great self assessment that will help you know the probability of success with a franchise. Head over to

Circuit Works is very excited to be able to offer this opportunity! If you would like more information on franchising a Circuit Works fill out this form

As always, we really appreciate your continued love and support!