Alcohol vs Weight loss

Don't shoot the messenger.

People often complain about their progress (or lack thereof) in the gym. You eat well and train where are the results?

They could be in a tall cold glass several times a week.


Your average ounce of liquor can have anywhere between 95-250 calories.
For now lets focus on the lower scale. Kettle one vodka has 96 calories in one ounce. If you have a generous bartender they are probably throwing in a little extra. If you typically have one drink, 96 calories isn't so bad. But let's be real, you are likely having 3-5 drinks on a night out. That't 300-500 calories in the Vodka alone. That's typically the amount of calories you want to have in each meal throughout the day!

Also, we are assuming you are just drinking Vodka neat, or on the rocks, or shots if you are really wild. Again, lets be real... you are likely mixing that vodka with more high calorie liquids. Vodka and cranberry, vodka and sprite, vodka and a bunch of other fruity sugary liquids that create a delicious cocktail. Cranberry juice alone has about 110-130 calories depending on the brand/low calorie etc. That one drink just went up to 200 + calories. Which means if you have 3-5 vodka cranberries you are taking in anywhere from 600-1000 calories!!!

Listen, we are not here to judge. Just bringing you some facts to consider.

Beer isn't any better according to pop sugar fitness.


We'll just leave this right here...


Just to name a few....

Some beers are better than others of course. Again, you do the math. If you count the number of beers you may have in a night out, the calories add up fast. 

Lastly, wine.

Merlot, chardonnay, pinot noir, you name it, all range from 95-150 calories a glass.

Now we are not suggesting you find your nearest AA clinic. Now are we saying skip your meals if you plan to drink a lot. Moderation is key. You may need to sacrifice a night out sometimes, look for lower calorie options, or pace yourself. It depends on your goals. If drinking > bikini or beach body to you, by all means, bottoms up!!! However if you are serious about your weight loss goals. You may want to cut back on the alcohol intake for a while. We recommend a trial period or cleans. Commit yourself to 3-4 weeks of NO alcohol, or once a week. Stay on track with your workouts and on point with your diet. Take progress pictures each week. Take notes on how you feel. If you're interested in inspiring people, document your journey on social media. Hashtag us, #circuitworks #CWcleanse 

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