Fit tips for a desk job

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity and other health issues. We understand the bills have to be paid. So we wanted to help you out with some tips and advice on how to stay active with a desk job!

Standing Desk

It's a thing. By standing while you work, you can burn an average of 200 to 400 calories depending on your weight. Even if you stand for half the day you will burn those extra calories and enjoy other benefits from the ergonomic setup. You can build your own, or buy one from places like this
he standing desks are becoming more common and we love it!

standing desk

Office arrangements

Try to keep things spread out so that you are required to move around often. You don't want everything at arms length. The more you have to get up the better.

Comfy clothes and shoes

Apparently several studies have shown that when you wear comfortable clothes and shoes to work you move more. Without a stuffy suit or uncomfortable shoes it is easier to be more active. Don’t believe empirical evidence, try it out yourself and you’ll see the benefits immediately.


Deliver messages personally

Instead of calling or emailing your fellow employee to share information, walk over to them. This creates a better relationship while burning calories! It's a win win!


Go for walks on your breaks!

Including your lunch break! Make it a group thing. Be the ring leader and encourage your colleagues to make a habit of walking together during break

Lastly, did you know they make chairs with exercise balls...

Exercise ball chairs are a common tool for promoting better posture and burns 6% more calories an hour than sitting on a standard desk chair.

Make a habit of these tips and we assure you it will make a difference!


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