Group training VS Personal training


At Circuit Works we offer the personalized training experience in a group setting. There are a lot of reasons this is GENIUS!

Advantages of group personal training VS Personal training

The cost is essentially cut in half! Personal training can run anywhere from $50-200 a session. Group personal training classes can run between $25-40. Think about the monthly savings!

Another advantage to group personal training is the motivation you get not only from your trainer but your peers. You can feel the energy in a room full of fitness fanatics! Clients tend to feed off each others energy. In addition to that, most people can help but to complete a little. It's not that people are necessarily trying to be better than others, but they will certainly try to keep up! 

Also, its fun! The music, the atmosphere, the vibes, group personal training is the best of both worlds!

Building relationships and friendships is another advantage to the group workout setting. If you go often, you will start to see the same people. Eventually, you will almost be held accountable by your peers. If they can make it to class, so can you! It becomes a community, and we will miss you if you don't make it!


Okay okay, this sounds great but there must be disadvantages right?

The only reason we would recommend adding a few personal training sessions to your routine is if you are trying to learn something very specific like kickboxing. In some cases you may need individual attention. However if your goals are to get in shape, improve health, and gain strength; go for the group training!

Source: JaimieLeeFit,