Have a HEALTHY Halloween! Here's how...

Halloween is a great holiday! You can dress up, watch scary movies, go to haunted house, drink, and eat junk food and candy! Who doesn't want all of that! 

Well I know our clients and fitspos may be a bit nervous about the last part. We are not here to stop you from a good time....We are going to give you a few tips on how to keep control of your splurging.
Moms, some of these can apply to the kiddos also.


Tip # 1

The most obvious.... Be conscious of your calories. 
Limit yourself to a certain amount of candy a day post Holiday. 2-4 pieces. Plan this in advance. Stick to your guns!

Tip #2

Procrastinate on buying halloween candy if you plan on passing out! This will prevent you from snacking on the days prior.

Halloween 1

Tip #3

You can always buy fun things for trick or treaters aside from candy. Bubbles, stickers, bouncy balls, temporary tattoos, or nuts and raisins. This will help you and your spooky visitors.

Tip #4

For trick or treaters, or adult party goers...Eat a healthy meal before you go out. Do not skip a healthy meal because you think you will splurge on candy instead. If you're hungry you'll have less willpower.  

Tip #5

Workout in the AM! Of all the times to make sure you get it in, Halloween is a sure bet! Burning off some calories in the AM may give you a little wiggle room and you won't feel as guilty. It will also put you in the right mindset to make healthier choices. You should sign up for your class the week prior!


Tip #6 

Last tip for party goers...keep your hands busy to avoid mindless nibbling. Its Halloween. Maybe you have a prop to carry. Or if you are female, holding a purse in one and and a water in the other will help you avoid grazing the buffet or opening little candy wrappers....Give it a try.

Have a blast this Halloween! Don't be greedy....share this article with friends so we can all stay healthy together!

Halloween 1

Trick or Treat!