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Hey Circuit Works blog lovers! We are excited to announce we have a new guest blogger joining the team! This new spot is Called HealthFx with Erica! If you workout at Circuit Works you most likely already know Erica Plastino! Erica is one of our awesome group fitness instructors with a background in sports and sports nutrition. She will be sharing her knowledge with you here on the blog once a month! We know you'll love it!

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Her first blog is a common question and topic we all NEED to know about! Post Workout Nutrition....keep reading to learn more.

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Post Workout Nutrition: The Perfect Storm!

We are constantly telling our clients that there is a discreet period of time after a workout that you need to use to replenish the calories burned during your workout and boost recovery. If you miss this window you are missing an amazing opportunity to improve fitness and ensure you build lean muscle mass and increase your metabolism.

The best time to give nutrition to your bodies after a workout is :30 – 2 hours following a workout. This is because the body is extra responsive nutrition at this point in time.

Exercise creates the following “perfect nutrition storm” for your body:

It loads muscles and liver with stored energy (glycogen) It triggers activation of the enzyme that stimulates the production of glycogen, the stored form of glucose that is used during intense exercise.
Nutrients flow into muscle membranes more readily because they are more permeable.
Body cells become more sensitive to insulin, the key that unlocks the door to allow glucose to enter.
There are two main reasons why recovery nutrition is important. First, it replaces energy and nutrients needed to maintain performance levels during subsequent workouts. Second, it provides nutritional building blocks required to repair and build body tissue after your most recent workout.

Who Should Care about Post Workout Nutrition?

It’s vitally important for athletes who train at a vigorous level, including endurance athletes to make sure to eat following a workout. Others who can benefit include those who exercise hard for at least an hour or more, those looking to improve their body composition through challenging resistance training and anyone having a difficult time keeping their weight up while exercising. Also, as we age we lose the ability to maintain lean muscle – research has shown that post working nutrition will help to offset this issue!

So, What Can I Eat After a Workout?

Combining carbohydrates and protein is has been proven to be the best way to maximize the benefits of nutrition. Carbohydrates help replace energy and accelerate protein synthesis in the muscle, while protein provides amino acids to repair and rebuild tissue throughout the body.

You can consume carbohydrates and protein together in a variety of ways. Whole foods are always a great choice, but supplements are convenient. If you use supplements regularly, mix in whole foods as often as possible to offer your body a wide array of nutrients.

Here are some suggestions:

1 cup low-fat chocolate milk
1 cup Greek yogurt with a serving of fruit
Nutrition bar containing both carbs and protein (sugar free/raw ideal)
Smoothie with fruit and source of protein (plant based is ideal)
1/2 cup cottage cheese with 1 cup fruit
3 ounces lox (smoked salmon) on 1 piece sprouted grain bread
As a general rule, try 3 - 5 g carbohydrates per lb of body weight, starting with 15–25 g of protein.

Good luck out there! We are here to help in any way to make sure you are successful!