Why you should use a fitness planner

yellow planner 1

A fitness planner is where you keep track of your workouts, meals, goals, and reflections. 

Planning your workouts for the week ahead will help you stay on track! Think of them as important meetings or appointments that you need to attend. It's even more beneficial if you track your workouts in detail. For example, if you are resistance training, keep track of the amount of weight you're using. Or if its running, how fast and how long. This way you can track you progress, and know when its time to kick it up a notch. 


Keeping track of your meals is a great way to hold yourself accountable. You will know if you are not making progress to adjust your diet and see if anything changes. You can learn a lot about your body by tracking your meals for a few weeks. 

We all know that goal setting is key! Set every goal from how many days a week you want to workout to how long you want to run for. Or even goals like "I want to do x amounts of push ups by a certain date." 

And of course keep track of your progress. How much weight or inches you may have lost each month. Track how much strength you have gained or weight you're able to lift. We would also recommend tracking how you feel at the end of each week. Whether it be tired, energized, strong, weak, happy etc. 

For our planner junkies, here is a list of other things you could track in your new fitness planner!

-Steps- If you've got a fancy step counter then this is perfect!

-Water- Track that water intake! How many cups a day? Set a water goal and crush it!

-Challenges- If you jump on a 7 day or even better a 30 day challenge this will help you immensely!

-Vitamins and supplements- Make sure you're taking that one a day! Track it!

-Calories- We love the idea of tracking your calories. Calories add up and often the little snacks here and there make a big difference. Tracking your calories leaves no room for error.

-Classes- Track the classes you try and how you felt about them! This will be super fun to reflect on at the end of the month!

Only good things can come from planning and journaling your fitness journey. Commit to trying it for a month!