5 Great Exercises for People with Diabetes

People suffering from diabetes should be extra careful with their health. Checking and monitoring of blood sugar should be regularly done. Nutritious foods, particularly fruits and vegetables, should be always be included in the diet. Lessen the amount of sugar intake to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Regular exercises can also be added to the routine as it offers numerous benefits to people with diabetes.

 Exercise can help lower the stress levels of an individual. As this lowers, the blood sugar level in the body also decreases. A certain number of hours is recommended for people with diabetes, approximately 150 minutes per week. Regular exercise is so important that several diabetes associations recommend patients not to miss more than two days of exercises in a row. There are many great exercises that people with diabetes can engage into. Here are some of the beneficial exercises:

Walking and Foot Exercises

Walking and foot exercises can help in the circulation of blood. This is one of the highly recommended and most popular exercises as it can be done anywhere. Brisk walking for thirty minutes to one hour, at least three times a week, is a great and easy way to increase the physical stamina and strength. The activity will also make the feet and the calves stronger and tougher. Ankle rotation, standing on the heel, and rubbing of the feet on the floor can be done to enhance the blood flow. 

Dancing and Aerobics

Dancing and aerobics is a great form of exercise for the body and the mind. This helps increase the physical activity of the person in a more fun and exciting way. It is highly beneficial as it promotes weight loss and improves the flexibility. Dancing can also reduce the stress levels leading to lower blood sugar. Some twists and modifications can be done with this kind of exercise for more options. Chair dancing, which incorporates a chair in the routine, can make dancing easier especially for people with limited physical activities. This exercise can help burn up to 150 calories in just 30 minutes.

Experiment with Yoga

Yoga is a traditional form of exercise that uses fluid movements. It helps improve the blood glucose level of the body due to improved muscle mass. This exercise also develops the overall fitness of the body especially the flexibility, strength, and balance of the person making it more helpful for people suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes. The nerve functions are affected and enhanced which leads to an increased state of wellness and mental health. 


Practice Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese form of exercise that uses slow and smooth body movements. Other than it relaxes the mind and the body, Tai Chi can also help improve the blood flow in the body. Studies also revealed that people who practiced and completed Tai Chi sessions showed significant changes in the levels of blood sugar. Moreover, these people also experienced increased vitality and improved mental health.

Weight Training

Weight training exercises have numerous benefits for people with diabetes. This can help boost the body to respond better to insulin. It can make the body become more sensitive to insulin which lowers the blood sugar in the body. Losing weight becomes a lot easier with the weight training program leading to better management of the blood sugar. The training exercise can also lessen the risk of heart disease and bone fractures. Weight machines, lifts, resistance bands, and calisthenics are some of the activities that can be included in the training program. It is recommended to perform this type of exercise at least two times per week.

Weight Training
It is important to consult doctors before performing and starting the exercise. This is to ensure that the safest and most appropriate routine will be done. Certain factors, such as the type of diabetes and health conditions, should be considered. Always start slowly, stay alert, and listen to the body.

Changing the lifestyle could mean a lot in order to control the blood sugar level in the body. This should include constant checking and monitoring of blood sugar, well-balanced diet, regular exercises, and proper healthcare and medications. When managed properly, patients with diabetes may get rid of complications and other health risks. 

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