Coffee and working out. Debunking myths.

Nowadays, gyms are extremely popular among young people. If you're not careful enough, you can easily mistake your nearby gym for a local dating scene. But why is it so? Well, mostly because people are trying to stay in a good shape, but that's not all. There is a new trend that recently went viral and gym-goers absolutely love it. Yes, we're talking about the famous combination - coffee and training. Some folks think that it's the perfect combo that enhances your entire well-being, but others think it may potentially be bad for the overall health. Well, who is right? It's still hard to say, but we're here to debunk popular myths about this famous combination. If you want to see a bigger picture that might help you decide whether this "life hack" is good for you or not, make sure to stay tuned!

COFFEE and exercise

"Drinking Coffee Before Your Workout Sessions Can Be Bad For You"

Well, let's just say that this is not even remotely true. Some people are convinced that by drinking a cup of "black goodness" before training you're actually sending your body mixed signals. These folks believe that nothing but water and certain smoothies should be consummated before or during the workout.

However, we can see why someone would think this beverage is bad for your health when it's combined with an intense workout program. In most cases, caffeine speeds up your metabolism on its own. It raises your blood pressure and your pulse. Therefore, a lot of men and women out there think that pushing your body to the limit while drinking coffee may be potentially dangerous.

Yes, caffeine will speed up your metabolism, but not drastically. You still need to do some actual work in order to see the difference. Also, a cup of coffee has less than 5 calories and no fat whatsoever. So, rest assured, folks, one cup of this magical drink before your training session won't cause you any problems!

"Coffee Will Significantly Increase Your Workout Performance"

Also not quite true! Even though certain studies have shown certain improvements that may defend this thesis, these tests were mostly performed on professional athletes. So, that doesn't mean much to us, regular humans!

However, scientists say that a cup of coffee consumed one hour before the session could potentially improve your stamina. But, this is hardly something new and ground-breaking. We already know that caffeine speeds up your metabolism and increases your circulation, but you also have to consider the caffeine tolerance factor, which may dull this expected boost of energy.

So naturally, it can only help you to a certain extent, but it definitely won't improve your performance significantly. When it comes to pushing yourself to and over the limit, the only two allies you really have are your will and perfect work ethic.


All in all, a cup coffee before a workout shouldn't hurt you, but there are also no definite proofs that this glorious "drink of the gods" is actually a performance enhancer. Maybe the scientist will find a way to support this popular theory soon but until then, feel free to enjoy your coffee before and after your training sessions.


Special thanks to our guest blogger Stefan Simonovic