8 Effective cardio exercises for back pain

Back pain is often caused by lifting of heavy objects and straining or tearing of muscles. It can also be caused by the wearing out of cartilage, kidney problems or nerve problems. These can be rectified by attending physiotherapy sessions. It can also be rectified by physical activities like swimming, cycling, tread milling, battle ropes, sled pushes, walking, Zumba dancing and jogging. These activities also help in fat loss and helps in prevention of diseases that may be brought about by accumulation of excess fat in the body.

1.     Swimming


Swimming is the best form of low impact aerobics. The ability to float on water helps to reduce the stress on the body muscles by supporting the weight of your body. You should however be careful with swimming as a remedy for back pain. Excess strokes in the pool may increase the pain in the back rather that helping to reduce it. Many strokes lead to shear force that often leads to damage of sensitive muscles in the back. To prevent this, you should consider; using a mask to prevent straining you back when lifting your head to breathe. You should also have a trainer when swimming to make sure you maintain the perfect positions when swimming. In addition to the number of strokes, you should also focus on the type of strokes that will help ease back pain. These are the butterfly and breaststroke and the freestyle and backstroke.

2. Cycling

Bicycle riding is also an aerobic exercise that can help to reduce back pains. Cycling helps in building up of the spinal structures and strengthening of muscles. The smooth movements helps in blood supply to the damaged areas in the back. The supply of blood helps in healing of the damaged tissues. The advantages of using a bicycle is that you do not need to go out to cycle. You can ride the stationery bicycles in a gym. For those who have not been into cycling for a long period of time, it is advisable to start by cycling for sorter time periods to prevent overworking the muscles.

 3. Battle ropes

Battle ropes

The battle ropes are popular for strengthening muscles in the body. They are mostly for building of the upper body including the back and the arms. The battle ropes also help a lot in fat loss. You will need only one rope that you tie onto a fixed point and you hold the ends with both hands. For a more fluid exercise session with the battle ropes, you should have the ropes as long as your space can allow. The ropes should be a diameter that you can handle but most of the ropes come in a diameter of 1.5’’ to 2’’. It is advisable to find a trainer when using the battle ropes to reduce back pain. The trainer will assess your body ability and guide you on the kind of exercises you should do to ease your back pain. Wetting the ropes helps to make them heavier. They should not be store wet for long periods of time.

 4. Tread milling

Walking on the tread mill helps to reduce back pain and prevent occurrence of back pain. Just like swimming, it is a mild form of exercise that helps to building up muscles that are responsible for supporting the spine and fat loss. Using the treadmill to walk helps the brain to counter the pain. It may be difficult with some discomfort but after some time walking helps to strengthen the muscles in the back. When using the treadmill it is advisable to start at a small pace and gradually increase the speed. You should not however have to hold on to the rails to keep up with the speed as this may led to injury and overstraining. It should be natural just as if you were taking a walk outside. The incline of the tread mill should also be flat to prevent leaning forward or backwards which may lead to straining of the back muscles.

 5. Sled pushing

While fully extending the arms, you should push the sled and achieve close to a 90 degrees angle between the hips and the back which should be almost flattened. It helps people who have difficulties with stretching their backs backwards. This exercise helps the body to learn how to balance the upper body with the abs instead of the back. This therefore helps to reduce the stress on the back hence alleviating back pain.

6. Zumba dancing

It is a dance incorporated in low impact aerobics. It ensures continuous movement motivated by music that helps in fat loss and correcting muscle imbalance. Zumba dances are recommended to be carried out on hard surfaces like wood and concrete floors. Due to the continuous movements the shoes worn should have adequate cushioning to reduce impact of the movements to the spine and muscles.

 7. Jogging


Jogging involves the use of muscles and the skeletal system hence helps in strengthening of body muscles and excess fat loss. The period you jog depends on hoe fit your body is. Before deciding for how long you should jog, you are advised to consult a physiotherapist. He will assess the state of your back muscles and give a proper recommendation to prevent overworking your muscles. Proper jogging will help in strengthening back muscles and reduce pain.

 8. Walking

Many people ignore and overlook walking as a form of exercise. It has however been proven that walking for around half an hour daily helps to carry out normal functions of the body. The release of the pain inhibiting hormones I encouraged by regular walking. This means that regular walking will help to reduce and prevent the occurrence of back pains and help you keep fit.


Low impact aerobics tend to be easily ignored as remedies for back pain and fat loss. It is however important to know that the body does not require very strenuous activities in order to correct back pains. Very strenuous activities may lead to worsening of the condition. These activities should however be done with care to prevent worsening the condition. It is also advisable to consult a specialist for proper diagnosis and advice.


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