The Circuit Works Workout at Circuit Works in Santa Monica, CA

The signature CIRCUITWORKS Interval Training concept is Group Personal Training re-invented. Our full body workout classes incorporate the latest and greatest in circuit training styles and equipment- TRX cables, Kettlebells, weight machines, resistance bands, free weights and Plyometrics.  With TRANSFORMATIONAL coaching and bangin' music, this dynamic 60-minute class will transform the way you look and feel.



At Circuit Works, we believe in everyone’s right to go at their own pace.  Pacing yourself for the long haul beats training too hard and too fast.  Hard and fast doesn’t mean you're going to reach your goals any sooner.  Remember - slow and steady wins the race.  Find your comfortable training pace within your own body rhythm.  This creates habits that will re-create new life routines. Training and running are much easier when done in rhythm following some sort of pace. Life isn’t about finding yourself.  We here at Circuit Works fully believe in the idea of training smarter not harder. That's why we use a Heart Rate monitoring system to keep you in the appropriate zone to target your specific goals.  Life is about creating yourself.  Go at your own pace, find your training rhythm and create your process.



It takes motivation to show up but consistency gets you to your goal.  It takes an athlete's state of mind to stay consistent.  If you think like an athlete and train like an athlete you will become an athlete.  Here at CW we believe there is an inner athlete in all of us.



Circuit Works is interval training re-invented into a dynamic group personal training experience.  These highly effective full body circuit training workouts will not only transform how you feel and think, but also how you look.  With a 500% increase in your fat expenditure rate, you'll burn the absolute maximum amount of calories possible in a 60-minute time frame.