Raphael Verela, Owner of Circuit Works at Santa Monica, CA


Raphael Verela, the owner and creator of Circuit Works training center in Los Angeles, was first introduced to circuit training in the Marine Corps. He grew to love how athletic it was and the dynamism that came with switching quickly from resistance to cardio in less than three minutes. After his six years of service in the Marines, including service in Operation Desert Storm he studied exercise physiology at Oregon State University.

Through his studies, Raphael Verela learned that the reason circuit training is so effective is because it combines two of the body’s exercise systems, which is proven to increase the stored fat expenditure by over 500%. This leads to fast weight-loss and improved muscle tone. When he began his work in the fitness industry, Raphael used circuit training for a wide range of clients, from celebrities and sports specific athletes to moms, college students and people who were looking for a challenge with the support of a personal trainer.

Raphael created Los Angeles-based fitness studio Circuit Works in 2006 to help all people discover their inner athlete and to take their results to a new level. The Circuit Works model of fitness has completely taken off and now serves over 15,000 clients in and around Los Angeles. At Circuit Works, everyone is an athlete and we offer people of all ages and fitness levels the healthiest and fastest way to get results.


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Meet our team of Personal Trainers and Instructors.


Katie Randall grew up in rural Nebraska spending her time playing sports, dancing, and any country adventure she could get into. She fell in love with athletics young and continued her Basketball and Volleyball career at the NCAA level into college. This took her around the world and challenged her mentally and physically. Awarded twice for Athlete of the Month for her Defense in all West Coast Divisions and Santa Barbara Athlete of the Year 2008. Graduating with Degrees in Kinesiology and Corporate Fitness Management from Minot State University. Post College she taught Physical Education and Head Coached multiple sports including; volleyball, basketball, and flag football at Our Lady of Mount Caramel in Santa Barbara. She was desiring being part of a team again and wanted to start her journey in Los Angeles. Then she walked into Circuit Works, starting as a Customer Service Representative she was always volunteering her time to Circuit Works and naturally joined the management team. You can catch her teaching classes and running around the studio for whatever is needed.

“I love our team at Circuit Works and the constant growth and challenges we overcome together. The community at Circuit Works is uplifting and welcoming, it’s easy to feel like home.”  


Jaimie Lee has had a passion for fitness and health for over a decade. With a background in dance, the transition into the fitness industry was very natural. She worked hard to build her own personal brand through social media outlets “Jaimie Lee Fit”. Through this journey Jaimie realized she has a niche and passion for social media marketing. Combining fitness and social media was a dream come true when Circuit Works invited her on board as a Social Media Manager. She is a certified Circuit Works Group Personal Training Instructor and a big part of Circuit Works brand development.

“I love capturing the ins and outs of Circuit Works and having the opportunity to be creative and interact with the community. I was so excited when Raphael invited me on board to combine my two passions.”