David Sakurai

Simplicity, adapt and flow.


Half Viking, half samurai, from Copenhagen, Denmark, now living in L.A. Martial arts has been a part of my life since childhood. I have over 30 years’ experience teaching martial arts, both in Denmark, Tokyo and in most recent years under UCLA’s Martial arts program. The art of Wing Chun Kung Fu is my main style, but our fitness program Kick Box N Burn is a variety of martial arts fundamentals, beneficial for discipline of the mind, physical strength, conditioning and life flow. My other passion besides martial arts, is acting and filmmaking, and sometimes I get to do some wild Earth Bending moves on film.

Simplicity, adapt and flow.

I truly love the positive warm community, and supportive instructors here. The HIIT classes, combined with Pilates sessions, have taken my own martial arts training, and recovery to a whole new level.

No matter what, there is an action guarantee (Der er hændelse garanti) – Georg Møller, Denmark

I got an LP released in Japan as pop artist Tomy Tani, with Erik Sumo & The Fox-Fairies.

Here comes the sun

Bruce Lee

Carrot cake and my wife.